I acquired a strange William Hair Haseler Catalogue that had images of Tudric pieces by Knox and Baker for sale but also introduced a new range of “Hazlewares”. I have finally researched this and the catalogue dates to c 1917/18. Hence it is after the Liberty/Tudric period but clearly Haseler continued to make and sell these pieces under their own name only. Additionally they tried to introduce their own more “modern” Hazlewares – a play on the Haseler name which is German for hazelnut (the Solkets mark often thought to be two acorns is in fact two hazelnuts and was designed by Oliver Baker and registered in 1899 by Haseler for their own artistic silver range).

These Hazlewares must have sold very badly as I have hardly seen any of the designs. some are rather boring but I have included below some of the more adventurous candlesticks, frames and clocks. Handwritten on the Hazleware interior divider of the catalogue it says “not yet able to deliver” so they may also have had post war production issues. Do contact me if you have any pieces marked “Hazleware”. I am now happy to sell this catalogue if you are interested. The catalogue is 64 pages, 3-48 is essentially “Tudric” pieces, 50-64 Hazleware.