A Bernard Instone gold, silver and agate brooch

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For sale is this lovely subtle gold, silver and agate brooch designed by Bernard Instone. The cool blue gray agate offset with gold highlights on a silver brooch.  The brooch is fully assayed and signed and dates to 1963, the later period of Instone’s work, when his two sons were also involved in the business.

Bernard Instone (1891-1987) was born at ‘Neston Villa’ 132 St Paul’s Road Kings Norton Birmingham. He attended the Central school of art at the age of 12, on a scholarship from 1903. He was a star silversmithing and jewellery  pupil and continued his training on the strength of two more scholarships. His prize-winning necklace is on display in Birmingham Museum.

On leaving the Vittoria School he worked at the Westerham studio of John Paul Cooper after which he was selected by the Berlin Court goldsmith Emil Lettre to go to Berlin for further training in the workshops in Unter-den-Linden.

After a tragic accident resulting in his brother’s death Bernard Instone returned back to England in 1914 where he was initially employed as an  assistant at the Vittoria Street School in October before being called up to serve in the War.  After the War he became his own independent jeweller and in 1920 founded Langstone silver works – a combination of his mother’s and father’s names – in Digbeth.
In 1922 he married Barbara Margrett on 7 February, at St. Agnes Church, Mosley. They had two sons and a daughter. From this period on he became one of the most respected arts and crafts jewellers in the UK.  In addition to producing his own work he also is known to have produced pieces for Sibyl Dunlop. In 1937 he became President of the Birmingham Jewellers’ Association.  After the second world war in 1954 he relocated to Lode Lane Solihull, retiring in 1963, the date of this brooch, handing the business to his sons.

Maker:  Bernard Instone

Designer:  Bernard Instone

Date : 1968

Marks: BI, Birmingham, o.

Material: Sterling silver, gold, agate

Condition: Excellent

Size: 3.75 cm wide, 2.75 cm height

Weight: NM

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