A Birmingham Guild of Handicraft stone set silver inkwell

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A very rare and high quality Birmingham School of Handicraft’s inkwell set with turquoise stones.  Birmingham Guild of Handicraft silver is rare, and even rarer is to find a substantial, heavy, stone set piece like this. The design of the lids on the inkwells suggest it was designed by Arthur Stansfield Dixon, Director and Head designer of the School. The Birmingham Guild was established in 1890, along the lines of Ashbee’s Guild of Handicraft, and was at the heart of Birmingham’s arts and crafts movement.

Maker:  Birmingham Guild of Handicraft

Designer:  Arthur Stansfield Dixon (attrib)

Date: 1903

Marks: BGofH, Birmingham, “d” (all pieces have partial marks also)

Material: Sterling silver and turquoise stone

Condition: Excellent. One glass liner replaced, two probably original

Size: 23.5 cm wide, 14cm deep, 7cm high

Weight: 28.6 oz, 811 grams, excluding glass

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