A Christopher Dresser sterling silver sugar basin and shovel

I am delighted to add another sterling silver piece by Christopher Dresser to the Collection. To my mind he is without doubt the father of both modern and commercial design.  Pieces that are unequivocally designed by Dresser and of the period in sterling silver are rare.

This piece is hallmarked for Walker and Hall, London, 1884/8. The sugar scoop carries the earlier date letter and this may be a marriage.

Dresser did the original design for this piece for Hukin and Heath in 1879/ 1880, model number 2372 .  There is no record of Dresser supplying (identical) designs to Walker and Hall, nor is it plausible Walker and Hall made unauthorised use of Dresser’s registered Hukin and Heath design.  On this basis, I am confident this is a Hukin and Heath made piece, retailed with the Walker and Hall sponsor mark.

This sugar bowl, with fitted sugar spoon, is Dresser’s modernist  take on a coal scuttle with shovel.  Sterling silver versions of this model are rare.

For an identical design, with aesthetic engraving, see Harry Lyons “Christopher Dresser, The People’s Designer” page 201. Page 196 of the same book shows the original extract from Hukin & Heath’s costings book, listing this design 2372, as being by Dresser.

Condition is excellent with contemporaneous small crest of a stag and R monogramme (unidentified) engraved to one side.  The main bowl also carries the early, founding, Walker & Hall sponsor mark of JEB, for John Edward Bingham.

Price range: £1,750

Maker: Hukin & Heath/Walker & Hall

Designer: Christopher Dresser

Date : 1884/8

Marks: JEB, Walker & Hall, Sheffield, “R and “V” date letters

Material: Sterling silver

Condition: Excellent.

Size: 15.5cm wide, 11.0 cm high. Shovel 14.0 cm long.

Weight : 11.1 oz, 314 grams (including wooden handles)


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Christopher Dresser


Sterling silver

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