A Christopher Dresser sterling silver teapot

I am delighted to add another sterling silver piece by Christopher Dresser to the Collection. To my mind he is without doubt the father of both modern and commercial design.  Pieces that are unequivocally designed by Dresser, and of the period, in sterling silver are rare.  This piece is both hallmarked for James Dixon & Sons, 1882 and carries Dresser’s facsimile signature. Dresser did the original design for this teapot in around 1880, model number 2278 . Like most Dresser designs it was mainly produced in plate.  The teapots classic modern design, far ahead of the Victorian era, makes it a work of art in its own right.

The teapot is inscribed with a dedication from the Duke of Portland dated 1887 when the teapot was gifted by the Duke to one of his workers.  You can almost sense his delight in removing from his home something that would have appeared totally radical and peculiar to his Victorian sensibility.  Today this piece is an icon of modernity, similar in style to lauded Bauhaus designs made some forty years later.

See Michael Whiteway “Christopher Dresser, A Design Revolution” Page 155 and Harry Lyons, “Christopher Dresser, The People’s Designer,” page 184 for plated examples.

A short video by Lyon and Turnbull on this teapot can be found at this link

Price range: Sold

Maker: James Dixon & Sons

Designer: Christopher Dresser

Date : 1882 (designed 1879)

Marks: JD&S,  Sheffield, date “p”

Material: Sterling silver

Condition: Excellent with inscription

Size: 13.5cm tall

Weight : 16.6 oz, 470 grams


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Christopher Dresser


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