A collection of seven arts and crafts tea spoons

For sale as a single collection, or individually (please enquire), is this collection of seven arts and crafts tea spoon.   Condition of all spoons is excellent.  From left to to right as per the main image these are (page reference refers to Simon Moore’s book “Artists’ Spoons and related table cutlery”):

An Oliver Baker designed spoon for Liberty and Hukin and Heath.  This is marked for Levi & Salaman but interestingly carries the registration number found on the identical spoons made by Hukin and Heath.  My feeling is Baker sold his design to both Liberty and Hukin and Heath – and Levi Salaman acquired these spoons from the latter (adding their sponsor mark) as wholesaler/retailer. 10.5 cm long, 16 grams.  Birmingham 1902. Pages 144-6,  276.

An Oliver baker spoon as per the above but marked for Hukin and Heath. 10.6 cm long. 19 grams.  Birmingham 1900 Pages 278-9

An Iona spoon with Celtic design.  Made by A H Darby & Sons from a design by Alexander Ritchie.  A H Darby & Sons acquired some of Ritchie’s designs after his death in 1941.  The firm is still in existence and its history can be found at this link.  10.0 cm long 14 grams.  Birmingham 1945

A Celtic influenced spoon by Jones and Crompton. 10.5 cm long, 13 grams.  Birmingham 1945.

A William Hutton & Sons art nouveau spoon.  Marked for London, this spoon was probably designed by one of their London designers  but I cannot identify who. 11 cm long 12 grams.  Birmingham 1905

A Liberty spoon by Bernard Cuzner. 11.5 cm long 14 grams.  Birmingham 1923. Pages 325, 331

A Liberty & Co Cymric spoon designed by Archibald Knox named Decos in the early Liberty catalogues. 11 cm long, 13 grams.  Birmingham 1902. See pages 59, 88-90

Price range: Sold

Maker: Various

Designer: Various

Date: c. 1900-5

Marks: See descriptions

Material: Sterling silver

Condition: Excellent

Size: 10 -11.5 cm long

Weight: Approx 12-19 grams each


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Liberty & Co / Haselers


Sterling silver

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