A collection of six Liberty silver arts and crafts buckles

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Delighted to be able to acquire these fantastic Liberty buckles from the Purple Shop (Anthony Gardner collection) sale at Bellmans on 16th April.  Demonstrating the incredible variation and beauty of Liberty’s buckle designs.  From top left, moving left to right.

A Liberty Cymric silver enamel buckle by Jessie King  Birmingham, 1909. Model 10068, page 183 Liberty silver sketch book.

A William Hair Haseler (probably for Liberty & Co) silver flower buckle.  Birmingham 1906. Close variant of model 10208 Liberty silver sketch book, page 189.

A Liberty & Co silver blue enamel “sun ray” buckle.  Birmingham  1911. Sketch book model number 10182 page 186 Liberty silver sketch book.

A Liberty & Co  silver, enamel and pearl geometric buckle.  Unmarked. Sketch book model number 8682, page 183.  The quality of this buckle is so exceptional I think it was probably bought in from an independent workshop, not Haselers, and that may explain why it is unusually unmarked.

A Liberty Cymric flower buckle. London 1899.  Early mark and rare example.

A Liberty Cymric silver enamel buckle, probably designed by David Veazey or Archibald Knox.  Birmingham 1907.  Model 157, page 178, Liberty silver sketch book.

Condition: All excellent and original

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