A fabulous Michael Allen Bolton silver rose brooch or pendant

Michael Allen Bolton was an informally trained professional silversmith who was inspired by ancient and medieval silver and the arts and crafts movement.  It is said he used a sledge hammer and anvil to achieve his distinctive hand hammered patina. He spoke of his silver work as an extension of himself and without doubt he put his heart and soul into each piece.

As I have written previously, I have adopted Bolton as a legitimate, if later, member of the arts and crafts movement and just love his work. This rose pendant or brooch speaks volume for his skill and style.

This piece is a large and heavy silver rose, realistically modeled.  In classic Bolton style and humour the stem even includes a sharp silver thorn – fortunately outward facing. The piece has a loop for a chain and suggests it was made as a pendant but I think that it is in fact designed to be pinned through the loop as a brooch.  It sits well as a brooch, but as a pendant would be hard to wear.  The brooch has a small tag held with gold wire work for “Glyndebourne 1982”  In that year Glyndebourne  produced the opera “Der Rosenkavalier” in which a silver rose is central to the plot.   The aged and famous Erte did the stage design for the opera, including a different silver rose.  It is believed this rose was a gift from a leading patron  of both the opera and Bolton to his wife.

If desired, I am happy to arrange for the brooch to have a more normal pin fitting made and, the reference to Glyndebourne could readily be removed and the rose personalised for a new buyer.  As it stands this is a remarkable historic piece highlighting the breadth and quality of Bolton’s work.

Price: £985

Maker: Michael Bolton

Designer: Michael Bolton

Date: 1982

Marks: MAB, London, h

Material: Sterling silver, gold wire (prob 18 carat)

Condition: Excellent

Size: 8.5 cm long, 3,75 cm deep, 4.75cm max width across leaves

Weight: 61 grams, 2.2 0z

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See “Designer British Silver” by John Andrew and Derek Styles for more information on Michael Bolton.

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