A geometric modernist deco tea and coffee set by Charles Boyton

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A striking modernist geometric tea and coffee set by Charles Boyton.  The set comprises five pieces, a teapot, coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl and (matched) spoon.   The design of each piece uses a complex pattern of triangular geometric shapes. The handles of the spoon, sugar and jug all impressed with deco style fan design.  Overall this is a later deco period design, showing the influence of more futurist geometric designs.

All pieces are fully assayed for Charles Boyton 1931 and carry his facsimile signature.

Charles Boyton was a long established traditional Victorian silver manufacture.  The third generation Charles Boyton III left the company in the late 1920’s and formed his own business in Marylebone Lane with a retail outlet in Wigmore Street. He famously produced innovative high quality art deco pieces (rare in English silver) which were engraved with a facsimile of his signature. This ceased trading around 1948.  He is most famous for his exceptional deco, cubist and geometric tea and coffee sets of which this is a rare example.

Condition is excellent.  The silver has been highly polished. There is some rubbing to most of the marks which remain readable. The wooden handles and lid knops are quite a light wood with fine grain, probably a fruit wood.

Maker: Charles Boyton

Designer:  Charles Boyton

Date:  1931

Marks: CB&S, London, q , signature (all five pieces)

Material: Sterling silver

Condition: Excellent

Size: Coffee pot 18.0 cm tall, teapot 12.5 cm tall, spoon 14.75cm long

Weight: Coffee pot 337 g, 11.9 0z; Tea pot 315 g, 11.1 oz; 169g; Sugar and spoon 6.0 0z, 169 grams; Jug 93 g 3.3 oz

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