A Guild of Handicraft silver amethyst set salt

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By the Guild of Handicrafts, a silver salt set with three amethysts and fully assayed for London GofH Ltd 1902. Designed by Charles Ashbee. It appears as plate 58 in Ashbee’s Modern English Silver.

This salt was exhibited at my Exhibition in October and features in the associated catalogue of exhibits by the Guild of Handicraft, now with correct green liner.

Maker: Guild of Handicraft

Designer: Charles Robert Ashbee
Date : 1902
Marks: G of H Ltd, London, date letter “g”
Material: Sterling silver, amethyst, glass
Condition: Excellent. Replacement glass liner
Size: Bowl 7.5 cm diameter, 3 cm high
Weight : Bowl, exc liner, 52 grams

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See Alan Crawford, “C.R. Ashbee”, Yale University Press

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