A Chinese silver chrysanthemum caddy spoon

A Chinese silver and gilt caddy spoon in the form of a chrysanthemum.  It is marked SM whose mark typically appears on Liberty & Co’s silver in the 1893-1899 period.  Liberty & Co retailed caddy spoons by SM very similar to this one.  It is in great condition and a good gauge of silver. This was previously thought to be Japanese silver but the S.M mark has been documented by Adrien von Ferscht, an expert on Chinese Export Silver, as originating from a little known Canton maker.

Price: Sold

Maker: SM, Chinese maker for Liberty & Co

Designer: NA

Date: c 1890

Marks: SM

Material: Sterling Silver

Condition: Very good.

Size: 12.5cm long

Weight: 1.7 oz, 47 grams

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This spoon appears on Adrien von Ferscht’s database of Chinese silver makers on the website