A John Hardman & Co, EW Pugin gothic revival silver teapot

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A rare gothic revival Victorian silver tea pot by the leading gothic metal working firm of John Hardman & Co.  The teapot was made after Pugin’s death but is essentially identical in design to one by Edward Welby Pugin held in the Parliamentary Archives – see images.    This teapot also closely resembles that exhibited by Hardman at the 1862 British Exhibition where it was acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum, ref 8119-1863.  See link for details.  The V & A identify Hardman as the designer of their teapot but it is infact identical to the E W Pugin design now re-discovered.

John Hardman Powell was the only student of Augustus Pugin, who later married Pugin’s daughter. Augustus Pugin was the leading Victorian architect and designer who popularised the neo gothic style  and designed the Houses of Parliament. E W Pugin was Augustus’ elder son who  worked in his father’s style.

This teapot is dated 1876.  The design brings together a number of gothic revival styles alongside a more Regency inspired pineapple style lower body.  The spout is classic gothic fish/monster.  The teapot is in very good condition. The finial is original but slightly worn – I believe it is made of fruit wood, but is possibly bone or ivory.  The teapot has ivory or bone insulators which would not exceed the proposed governments 10% de minimus limit on antique ivory sales.

Maker: John Hardman & Co

Designer:  After a design by Augustus Pugin

Date : 1876

Marks: JH & Co, Birmingham, date letter “b”

Material: Sterling silver

Condition: Excellent

Size: 15 cm high, 24 cm max  diameter

Weight : 624 grams, 22 oz

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