A large fruitbowl or flower centrepiece by Kate Harris

A really exceptional large flower bowl or centrepiece designed by Kate Harris for William Hutton & Sons, 1902. It integrates her classic art nouveau maiden motif into the design of the bowl in a very modern way.  The bowl is enhanced by two large tourmaline cabochon at each end of the bowl.  The replacement glass is true to the original green Powell liner.  Really a special piece.

Price: >£10,000+

Maker: William Hutton & Sons

Designer: Kate Harris

Date: 1902

Marks: WHSsons, London, “g”,

Material: Sterling Silver, glass, tourmaline

Condition: Excellent. Replacement glass

Size: 31cm cm diameter, 21cm deep, 18.5cm high

Weight: It is a very good gauge of silver

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DA Kate Harris casket similalry set with pink cabocohon stones is on display at the Victorian and Albert Museum silver gallery 67 case 16, accession number CIRC 14-1961. To see other exceptional museum pieces by Kate Harris see Minneapolis Museum of Art for a Kate Harris lamp, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Art for a Kate Harris picture frame.

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Kate Harris


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