A large Gilbert Marks bowl

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A Walker and Tolhurst silver two handled bowl or centrepiece signed by Gilbert Marks. Dated for London 1895.  Gilbert Marks was perhaps the most skilled silversmith of his generation and in his short career produced some magnificent pieces of artistic silver.  This is an excellent early example of his work.  Several contemporary journals of the period featured his work and this piece may be one featured in an article on Gilbert Marks published in The Artist, July 1898 page 134.

Maker:  Gilbert Marks for Walker and Tolhurst

Designer: Gilbert Marks

Date : 1895

Marks: W.W.B.T, London, date letter “U”, Gilbert Marks signature, dated ‘95

Material: Sterling silver

Condition: Excellent

Size: 31cm diameter across handles, 16cm high to top of handles

Weight : 1034 grams, 36.5 oz

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The Magazine Art reviews Marks’ work in January 1897 at an exhibition of his work at 80 Aldersgate Street: “Going direct to nature, he skillfully transfers the blossoms of wild flowers to his graceful cups and other cups. The Art Journal reviews another exhibition of his work in the August of the same year at the the showrooms of Johnson, Walker & Tolhurst, a bowl very similar to the present lot is illustrated. His distinctive style of work received glowing reviews, his work “is exceedingly pleasant to the cultivated eye.”

In the initial period of collaboration with Johnson, Walker and Tolhurst, the objects bore their sponsor’s mark and had Marks’ fascimile signature. Gilbert Marks registered his own maker’s mark of ‘GM’ at Goldsmiths’ Hall in 1896 and he continues the practice of the fascimile. It is interesting that the association with J. W. And T. clearly continues as they are still holding exhibitions of the work. The earliest recorded piece bearing Marks’ signature dates from 1895/6 and the latest from 1902.

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