A fabulous Japanese silver lotus mustard pot

For sale is this Japanese silver and gilt mustard pot.  It is marked S.M. whose mark typically appears on Liberty & Co’s silver in the 1893-1899 period.  It is in great condition and a heavy gauge of silver.

The design follows the tradition of Japanese ivory and wood carving.  The silver mustard pot is formed of lotus flower, with a frog sitting on the stigma lid. The base is formed from the lotus stem and pod and partially eaten leaf.  Charming, humorous and beautifully crafted.

The mustard is made with a variety of metals and gilding. The handle and eaten lotus leaf appear to be oxidised gilt. The frog may be copper or silver gilt, as may the pods of the stamen.  It has only been gently cleaned to preserve its originality.

New research by Adrien von Ferscht has now shown the S.M. silver mark to be that of the celebrated Yokohama trading house and silversmith of Musashiya.  Adrien’s article can be found here.

Price: Sold

Maker: SM, Musashiya

Designer: NA

Date: c 1890

Marks: S.M. “Sterling”

Material: Sterling Silver

Condition: Very good.

Size: 8 cm tall, 6 cm diameter

Weight: 5.2.0 oz, 154 grams

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