A Latino Movio silver milk jug

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For sale is this delightful milk or cream jug by Latino Movio for the firm of Johnson, Walker and Tolhurst.  It is fully assay for London 1905 and signed L. Movio.  The jug carries a leaf and flower design, beautifully worked, and is a fine example of Movio’s skill.  Very little is known of Movio but he appears to have worked alongside Gilbert Marks and continued to make pieces in Marks’ stlye after Marks’ death in 1904.  Not unlike the Cuzner  jug I have recently listed, this too is just a delightful piece of silver that demands to be handled.  In excellent condition and a good gauge of silver.

Movio appears in the 1911 census as an Italian ‘artist in metal repoussé’

Maker: Latino Movio for Johnson Walker Tolhurst
Designer: Latino Movio
Date: 1905
Marks: WWDT, London, “k”
Material: Sterling silver
Condition: Excellent
Size: 9 cm high
Weight: 119 grams, 4.2 0z

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