A pair of Christopher Dresser brass chambersticks

I am delighted to add these pieces by Christopher Dresser to the Collection. To my mind he is without doubt the father of both modern and commercial design.

These are a particularly unusual addition to the Collection, being copper and brass chambersticks manufactured by Richard Perry & Son.

These quite humble chambersticks epitomise all that is great about Dresser.  They have a modernity far ahead of their time and are designed to be made cheaply, with simple folds of sheet metal used to form the chambersticks.  The snuffers, still present, hang simply from the curved handle.  In the words of Harry Lyons, this is Christopher Dresser the “People’s Designer”.

These chambersticks retain their original snuffers and are marked for Perry & Son, and carry the stamped name “CR DRESSERS DESIGN”. One appears in Michael Whiteway’s book on Dresser page 181 (with red enamel).  The model was registered in July 1885, design registration 29467.

Condition is very good, with just some wear, commensurate with the pieces’ age.  There is lead to one of the loops of the snuffers.

Price range: £2,450 for the pair

Maker: Perry & Sons

Designer: Christopher Dresser

Date: c. 1885

Marks: See images and description

Material: Copper, brass

Condition: Very good

Size: 24 x 18 cm max diameters, 14 cm high

Weight: NM


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Christopher Dresser



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