A post war 1977 silver covered cup with enamel inset

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For sale is this rare 1977 modernist silver covered bowl.

The silver carries the rare mark of Arabella Stuart, a little known silversmith who registered her mark in 1974 and was active until the late 1980’s.   Arabella Stuart is in fact the maiden name of Arabella Boxer the renowned food critic and writer.  She has been kind enough to tell me about this piece and her silversmithing as follows:

My son Charlie Boxer sent me a copy of your email about the silver box. I was so delighted to see it again, and so well photographed. It was one of my favourite  pieces, and it is very nice to know that it is still around, being appreciated. I can’t remember exactly when I made it, but you will of course know by the hall mark. I gave up silversmithing sometime in the late eighties; it all seems a very long time ago. I was only ever an amateur, but I enjoyed it enormously. It makes me very happy to see it again, and in good hands.”

This piece is very competently produced with particularly nice hand raised cup. The lid is set with stylised cloisonné enamel depicting, in Arabella’s own words, “two blue poppies and a white butterfly, very loosely portrayed!” . The overall effect is charming – a modern take on a c 1900 Ashbee piece.

Condition is excellent, with just very small nibbles to the edge of the enamel. A very good gauge.

Maker:  Arabella Stuart

Designer:  Arabella Stuart

Date: 1977

Marks: AS, London, “c”

Material: Sterling silver, enamel

Condition: Very good

Size: 9.5 cm tall, 8.75 max diameter

Weight: 237 grams , 8.4 oz

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Some further information on Stuart.  She is Arabella Boxer (ne Stuart) the renowned food critic and writer.

Born 1934.  Worked 1973-76 part-time at Sir John Cass; also with Michael Murray. She exhibited at the Goldsmiths’ Company’s Loot exhibition in 1976, and again in 1977. Her catalogue entry for the 1976 Loot exhibition includes details of three items for sale and is as follows:

                Silver/green enamel cigarette box  £49.78

                Silver/purple enamel pill box           £36.72

                Silver jam spoon                                    £15.12

Her catalogue entry for the 1977 Loot exhibition includes details of four items for sale and is as follows:

Arabella Stuart,  34 Holland Villas Road, London W14, [tel no] 603 9604

                Silver and silver-gilt goblet                          £75

                Sugar bowl and lid, silver and enamel      £85

                Egg cup and spoon, silver and silver gilt   £40

                Egg box                                                                £38

The £85 sugar bowl is this one for sale.


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