A rare and early Liberty & Co Cymric silver spoon

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An early Liberty Cymric spoon, attributed to Archibald Knox. The “Labuan” is a very early and beautiful Cymric design dated to London 1899.

The original drawing is held at the Silver Studio Archive, MODA and this spoons appears in the first Cymric catalogue dated May 1899, Exhibit 73, described as “Hammered bowl, embossed leaves overlapping the handle”.  It also appears in the  illustrated Yuletide Catalogue of November 1899 page 45, at the then huge price of £1 15 shillings (£1.75, equivalent to about £1,750 in adjusted wage inflation terms)  This may well explain its rarity, and it does not appear in later catalogues, its production presumably terminated. It is model 340, page 382 in the Liberty Silver Sketch Book.

This spoon is one of only two known.  The design of the spoon is perhaps inspired by asparagus stems,  and the effect is to create a very elegant spoon, despite its large size.

The original design drawing for this spoon held at MODA (The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture), Middlesex University is published in Simon Moore’s book on arts and crafts silver spoons “Artists’ spoons and related table cutlery”, pages 67.

Maker: Liberty & Co

Designer: Archibald Knox (attributed)

Date : 1899

Marks: L&Co, London, d

Material: Sterling silver

Condition: Excellent, some scratches

Size: 21.0cm

Weight : 86 grams, 3.0 oz

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