A rare Christopher Dresser (attrib) silver plated hot water can for Hukin and Heath

For sale is this silver-plated “watering can” teapot by Hukin and Heath.  It is a very rare design (I know of no other) and it has all the characteristics of a work by  Christopher Dresser, to whom I attribute the design.  The can is satisfyingly a more geometric variant on Dresser’s traditional oval watering can for Hukin Heath that dates to c 1890.   This can, based on its model number of 12875, dates to c. 1897.  There remains no direct link established between Hukin and Heath and Christopher Dresser in the 1890’s but many (including myself) presume the radical designs seen from Hukin and Heath in this period must be by Dresser.

Perhaps not evident from the images.  The can lid opens from the back, with a handle identical to that found on other Dresser designs.  The larger wicker work handle is fixed in place not hinged, as is typically seen on the other Dresser teapot watering can designs.

Intriguingly a very similar design in copper is published in Harry Lyon’s book on Dresser page 217.  This is part of an article on Wolverhampton Japanned ware and the hot water jug carries a design registration 32218 for 1898.  Whilst this item also is only attributed to Dresser, it would be classic Dresser to take two very similar designs and sell them to different companies in different media.  See images for a photo of page 217.

Condition is very good.  The original plating is intact and the straw insulating the handle is in very good condition though it may not be original to the piece – it is certainly old.

The Collection previously had a rare variant of the more typical oval watering can design, model 9659 and details of this can be found at this link. It is in the Broehan Museum and illustrated in Widar Halen’s 1990 publication “Christopher Dresser”.

Price range: Sold

Maker: Hukin and Heath

Designer: Christopher Dresser

Date: c. 1897

Marks: H&H, 12875

Material: Silver plate

Condition: Very good

Size: 17.0 cm high, 19.0 cm wide (all max)

Weight: NM


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Christopher Dresser


Sterling silver

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