A rare sterling silver thermos jug by WAS Benson

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For sale is this rare WAS Benson silver (thermos) jug.  This is my second piece of Benson silver in the Collection reflecting the rarity of his sterling silver designs.  It is also fair to say that Benson reserved his best work for materials other than silver and this is only the second piece in sterling that I have been able to source by him. The jug has some really nice original design features, notably the overall modern shape, the Dresser like spout, and arts and crafts rivet lid.

Based on catalogue evidence Benson made silver for his luxury catalogues in around 1910 -1914 and this piece is clearly hallmarked for 1910.

Condition is very good.  The piece has been fairly highly polished at some point.  The interior ceramic thermos is intact.  The base (which is sterling silver)  is not assayed but carries (in several places) Bensons mark.  The body carries an unidentified eagle crest, undoubtedly of the original 1910 patron/owner.

W.A.S. Benson trained as an architect with Basil Champneys before turning in 1880 to the design and manufacture of domestic lighting for which he is most renowned. At this time he established his own workshops in Fulham for large-scale machine production of metalwork. He remained active until 1920. His first showroom was in Camden Hill Square. In 1887 he moved to 82 New Bond Street.
See Haslam & Whiteway, ‘W.A.S. Benson Metalwork’, exhibition catalogue, Michael Whiteway in association with Paul Reeves, Haslam & Whiteway, London 1981, with introduction by Michael Collins and I. Hamerton (ed.), ‘W.A.S. Benson. Arts and Crafts Luminary and Pioneer of Modern Design’, Woodbridge 2005.

Maker:  WAS Benson

Designer:  WAS Benson

Date: 1910

Marks: WB, London, P

Material: Silver, interior thermos

Condition: Very good

Size: Height 23 cm

Weight: 741 grams, 26.1 oz (not silver weight)

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