A set of Charles Rennie Mackintosh silver cutlery (40 pieces)

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Sometimes my criteria for buying something to sell is as simple as “it made me smile”.  That is pretty much the case with this Mackintosh cutlery set which, and I am sorry if this disappoints, is a miniature dolls house set. Each piece is c. 2 cm long only.

Whilst these are in mint condition they are second hand and most of the pieces were made, and are still made, by the specialist miniaturist silversmith Mike Sparrow. See link.  He has gone to great lengths to get the designs right and done a brilliant job in copying the great fork and spoon designs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and adding in two sets of knives to his own design.  Altogether there are three sets of ten, one set of nine (one fork missing) plus one large serving spoon.  The larger spoon and fork pair on the far right  of the main photo were not made by Mike Sparrow and are by an unknown maker.

The set is made of sterling silver but is not hallmarked.  The date they were made is unknown but most likely in the last ten years

Maker:  Mike Sparrow (except two designs)

Designer:  After Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Date : c. 2015 estimated

Marks: None

Material: Sterling silver

Condition: Excellent, mint

Size: 2- 3 cm long

Weight: NM

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