A small gothic revival chalice and paten

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A John Crane Salt small (travelling) silver gilt chalice and paten for Thomas Pratt & Sons.  The chalice set with red coral and turquoise stones to the stem and garnets to the base.  The chalice is marked for London 1873, and the paten London 1871.  Works by John Crane Salt are sufficiently rare that I suspect the paten and chalice are original to each other, or perhaps the chalice was lost or stolen and replaced soon after purchase.

John Crane Salt’s mark is rare but when seen is often on ecclesiastical pieces for Pratt & Sons – one of the larger ecclesiastic fitters of the time.  Most likely he was an independent silversmith working for that firm.

Condition is excellent with just one tiny “ding” to the base.

Maker: John Crane Salt/ Thomas Pratt & Sons

Designer: John Crane Salt

Date : 1871/3

Marks: JC, London,  “q/s”, Pratt & Sons

Material: Sterling silver gilt

Condition: Excellent, one small ding to the foot/base

Size: Chalice 10.25 cm high, paten 11.25 cm diameter

Weight : 139 grams, 4.9 oz (total weight)

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