A stunning exhibition bowl by John Paul Cooper

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A superb John Paul Cooper bowl  made of oxidised copper, silver and abalone.  The stem with square panels of abalone set in silver within a geometric design.  The base and rim set with oval abalone in wirework settings.

This piece was almost certainly exhibited at the 1903 Arts and Crafts Society Exhibition, Exhibit 167c, where it was described as a “sugar bowl”.  A photo of the bowl was published in the German journal Der Moderne Stil of that year and the same photograph is reproduced in the book on John Paul Cooper by Natasha Kuzmanovic, page 97, taken from the Cooper family archive.  The bowl matches a  pair of candlesticks in the photo and previously in the Collection – see A213.

This striking bowl is a notable new discovery representing the very best of Cooper’s early work with the influence of Henry Wilson apparent. It is  in excellent original condition and the original abalone still retains its lustre that can be matched to the 1903 photograph precisely.  See the last two images. This is a gem of a piece.

Maker: John Paul Cooper

Designer: John Paul Cooper

Date : 1903

Marks: None

Material: Copper, sterling silver, abalone

Condition: Excellent, abalone orginal

Size: 11.5 cm high, 9.0 cm diameter

Weight : 238 grams, 8.3 oz

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For more information see “John Paul Cooper. Designer and craftsman of the arts and crafts movement” by Natasha Kuzmanovic. Also see the Victoria & Albert Museum and Leicester Museum which hold various works by Cooper, who came from Leicester.

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