An aesthetic silver sugar bowl and spoon

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A silver sugar bowl and sifter. John Thomas Heath and John Hartshorne Middleton of Hukin Heath. A classic aesthetic piece, originally designed around 1880. The design may be attributed to Christopher Dresser. The bowl takes the form of a lotus flower, leaves and stems. Both the bowl and spoon are of the same make and date and are a good heavy gauge of silver in excellent condition.

Maker: John Thomas Heath and John Hartshorne Middleton of Hukin Heath
Designer: Possibly by Christopher Dresser
Date : 1900
Marks: JTH, JHM in a cartouche, London, date letter “e” on both the bowl and spoon
Material: Sterling silver
Condition: Excellent
Size: Bowl 11.5cm diameter, 8cm tall, spoon 14.5cm long
Weight : Bowl 218 grams, spoon 31 grams.

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I believe this design is taken from Chinese rhinoceros horn libation cups which were designed to a similar style and would have been found and adapted in Japan at the end of the 19th century.

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