An A E Jones copper box set with Ruskin roundel

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A rare copper box by A E Jones designed by Anne Grisdale (Annie) Stubbs, the lid set with a rare deep red high fired Ruskin Pottery roundel.   This box is unmarked but is a known Jones design.

The box interior is wood lined.  The hinges are beautifully made in the arts and crafts style. Overall condition is really excellent and original, though the copper has been polished and is therefore quite “bright”.

Annie Stubbs was married to Thomas Birkett and was the mother of the furniture designer and craftsman, Hugh Birkett (1919-2002). Thomas was a member of the Birmingham Guild of Handicraft and a partner of the Faulkner Bronze Co. manufacturing metal work in the arts and crafts tradition. In 1902 the firm took over the comparable business ‘Rathbone’ two years later it was rebranded as Jesson Birkett & Co.

Annie studied at the Margaret Street School of Art. Later she produced designs for both Jesson Birket & Co and the Silversmiths A. E. Jones (the former reportedly assumed by A E jones c 1910). She was awarded a gold medal by the board of Education at South Kensington in 1907 for a carved ivory box subsequently bequeathed to Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery.

Her work is characterized by these intricate strapwork designs and her earlier pieces were enhanced by blue/green pottery roundels such as you see here, made by Ruskin pottery.

Maker:  A E Jones

Designer:  Annie Stubbs

Date: c. 1905

Marks: None

Material: Copper, Ruskin pottery

Condition: Excellent, copper is polished

Size: 15 cm long, 11 cm deep, 5 cm high

Weight: NM

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