An Anton Michelsen Danish silver box

Price: £1,000-5,000

For sale is this very special Danish silver box (probably originally an ash tray) with removable swing lid.   The box is made by the Danish crown jewellers Anton Michelsen and dated 1902.  I believe this box was exhibited at the 1902 Turin International Exhibition.  It is a small masterpiece of the silversmith’s work and is beautifully designed in repousse with an asymmetric “river” of fish (probably carp) flowing around the body of the box.   Based on a similar documented design, it is almost certainly designed by N G Henriksen, Anton Michelsen’s  workshop manager and lead draftsman at the time.  The influence of both Japan and art nouveau are very clear.

The silver is fully assayed for Michelsen 1902, 925 standard.  It is an excellent gauge. There are initials CW and VF to the base that I believe represent the silversmith’s initials.

The firm of Anton Michelsen is famous for defining modern Danish silver through their production of artist and architect designed silver in the period c 1898-1905;  most notably by the Japanese influenced designs of Thorvald Bindesboll that in turn inspired Georg Jensen’s silver work.  This box fits into that genre.

Maker: Anton Michelsen

Designer:  N G Henriksen (attrib)

Date: 1902

Marks: Full Danish assay marks

Material: Sterling silver

Condition: Excellent

Size: 6.25 cm high, 10 cm max width

Weight: 8.9 0z, 253 grams

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