An art deco modernist silver Danish tea set

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A Danish modernist deco silver tea set by Frantz Hingelberg.  Hingelberg is famous for collaborating with Svend Weihrauch, a designer who previously worked with Georg Jensen.  Together they produced modernist, almost post-war style designs.  This tea set perfectly captures their take on the deco style. An exceptionally heavy gauge of silver and in excellent condition.

Maker: Frantz Hingelberg

Designer:  Svend Weihrauch (attrib)

Date: 1934

Marks: Frantz Hingelberg, Aarhus, also English import marks

Material: Sterling silver

Condition: Excellent

Size: Teapot 23cm wide, 12 cm tall

Weight: Teapot 27.4oz, 777 grams, total 42.1 oz, 1,194 grams

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