An art deco silver Spanish tea service

Price: £1-5,000

A Spanish art deco silver tea or coffee set, retailed by one of Barcelona’s leading jewellers of the period, Oriol.   The set dates to around 1930 and pre-dates the introduction of Spanish hallmarks in 1934. Each piece of the set, including the tray, is marked 916 for the silver standard and Oriol, together with an unidentified maker or designers mark “Cv”.  The set is in overall excellent condition.  The tray is lacquered and showing typical signs of age with some cracking to the surface.

Overall this is one of the nicest, classic deco tea services I have seen. Spanish art deco silver of this period is rare with production effected by the Spanish civil war.

Maker: Oriol

Designer:  Unknown

Date: c. 1930

Marks: 916, Oriol, unknown mark

Material: 916 standard silver, lacquer tray

Condition: Very good

Size: Tray 56cm x 36cm. Coffeepot 18cm tall

Weight: Total 38.3 oz, 1,086 grams, exc tray

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