An early Liberty Cymric silver pepper by Archibald Knox

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Another “lockdown” posting for a diminutive piece with a huge punch. This is for sale. It is a rare Liberty & Co Cymric silver pepper hallmarked London 1898, date letter “c”. This is an early design and the earliest hallmark for a Liberty & Co Cymric piece. The Cymric range was launched in May 1899, just one week prior to the start of the 1899 London assay year date letter “d”, so it is quite possible this is an actual piece from that exhibition.  The pepper is Exhibit 28 in the May 1899 Liberty Cymric catalogue, named the Thorian (a Norse derivation from Thor). The original design drawing is held at the Museum of Domestic design and Architecture, Middlesex University (SD 8158).

This piece is such an unequivocal Knox design that is one of the only, maybe the only, known piece that provides a link between Knox, the Silver Studio, and the early Cymric range.  Speaking as someone who championed Oliver Baker and Haseler as the true originators of the Cymric range I think this unequivicollay shows the Cymric range had its roots in London, with Liberty and the Silver Studio, as well as Birmingham and Haseler and Baker.  It is priced accordingly.

Only a handful of Cymric pieces with the date letter for 1898 exist, one of which is in the V & A museum (ref: circ 320- 1976).

Maker: Liberty & Co

Designer: Archibald Knox

Date : 1898

Marks: Ly & Co Liberty mark, London, date latter “c”

Material: Sterling silver

Condition: Excellent

Size: 6.5 cm high, 4.25 cm wide

Weight : 56 grams, 2 oz

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See article by myself, Anthony Bernbaum, entitled “Origins of the Liberty Cymric range”  in the Archibald Knox Society Journal 2014 Volume III, Page 26.  Liberty registered their new London marks in the final week of May 1899, one week before the London date letter changed to “d” for 1899/1900. Thereafter, all Liberty items of this period carry Birmingham marks.  Archibald Knox earliest works at this time did not yet carry his trademark modernist style or classic celtic knots. Please see additional images.

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