An exceptional arts and crafts enamel plaque

An exceptional, small, jewel like, arts and crafts enamel plaque depicting the Greek goddess Amphitrite.  The image would appear to be inspired by the sculpture of Amphitrite by Jacques Prou in the Louvre dating to 1685 (see images). In Greek mythology Amphitrite was Poseidon’s queen and a Nereid (sea nymph).  See this link for more information.

Th quality of this  plaque is astonishing.  The depiction of both the woman and fish and how they sit within the sea (the Aegean in mythology) is beautifully done.

The plaque is set within a, clearly original, silver plated (maybe silver) frame with gold or gilt wirework.  The plaque itself is dated 1926 and signed with what looks something like the name “M. Sollarzzo” with monogramme on the reverse that I believe is “MIS” (though conceivably “VIS”).  The frame is not assayed but both the front and back interior pieces of the frame carry the scratched name “DALT”.

The origins of this plaque escape me.  The plaque is 100 per cent in the British art and crafts style, and of exceptional quality.  The way the enamel is foiled reminds me a little of the the work of Traquair.  However, the name Dalt is very rare in Britain and is more usually an Italian name, with immigration, potentially an American name,  Given the apparent Italian signature, to the enamel, one is tempted to think it is Italian.  To throw one more possibility – the plaque has provenance to Spain, so that may be a candidate too.  What I can say is that this is almost certainly an Exhibition piece or an artist’s most outstanding work.  Please do get in touch if you can help with this research.

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Maker: Enamel: “M. Sollarzzo”, Frame: Dalt

Designer: Enamel: “M. Sollarzzo”, Frame: Dalt

Date: 1926

Marks: Frame unmarked, enamel see above.

Material: Enamel on copper, silver or silver plate

Condition: Excellent

Size: Plaque only 6.25cm x 4.5 cm

Weight : NM

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