An exceptional arts and crafts enamel triptych by Phoebe Anna Traquair

The Kiss, a superb Phoebe Anna Traquair triptych, enamel on copper.  The central enamel inscribed with the title, signed with monogram and dated 1903; the side enamels are each signed with monogram and dated 1903.  Set in a copper alloy frame designed by the artist’s son Ramsay Traquair (1874-1952) and made by Johan Maitland in 1903.

Also of note is that Traquair’s technique is evident from examining the backs of her enamels – see image of the signed enamel.  It can be seen that she worked the key features of the enamel in repousse from the back of the copper to give added dimension and clarity.

Overall height 27.2 cm; central enamel 7 by 7 cm; each side panel 7.25 by 2.5 cm.

Provenance is impeccable, originally sold by H. M. Traquair, the artist’s son, sold at Edinburgh, Shapes, 3 March 2007, lot 589.  Most recently with Van den Bosch gallery.

This piece was exhibited at the Dublin, Arts and Crafts Society of Ireland, no. 371; Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh and Dublin 1885-1985, Arts and Crafts in Edinburgh, 1985, no. 76; and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Phoebe Anna Traquair, 1993, no. 74 as Triptych: The Kiss

The triptych features in several books notably: Paul Larmour, The Arts & Crafts Movement in Ireland, 1992, p. 74; Revue du Vrai et du Beau, 10 April 1926, illus. p. 24 and Elizabeth Cumming, Phoebe Anna Traquair, 1993, p. 75

Price range: Sold. Acquired for client

Maker: Phoebe Anna Traquair

Designer: Phoebe Anna Traquair

Date: 1903

Marks: See description

Material: Enamel on copper, copper frame

Size: See description

Weight : NM

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