An exceptional silver, copper and agate footed box

Price: £2,950

For sale is this outstanding copper silver and agate box on three legs.   The copper body with eight applied silver “shells” and three feet with shell like twists.  The largely silver lid set with a fine translucent orangey agate.  The quality of the work is very high with each leg set on an applied copper plinth and fine wirework to the lid and agate surround.

The box is not assayed (it would have been illegal to assay copper and silver together) and carries no makers mark.  In stylistic terms, the wirework , the shell motifs and agate are all reminiscent of work both by John Paul Cooper and The Artificers Guild.  I hesitate to attribute it to either, however.  Certainly this box was made c 1900-1910 and most likely by a worker who had some experience with one of the major metalwork Guilds.

Condition is excellent with just a slight misalignment of the agate setting,

Maker: Unknown

Designer:  Unknown

Date: c 1905

Marks: Not marked

Material: Sterling silver, copper, agate

Condition: Excellent

Size: 15 cm tall, 9.5 cm max diameter

Weight: 331 grams, 11.7oz (not silver weight)

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