Edward Spencer silver trowel with enamel and amethysts

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An exceptional silver trowel by Edward Spencer for the Artificers Guild from 1911 (unmarked). The original design is held at Goldsmiths Hall Library, London.  The trowel blade is made of silver, inset with enamel. The handle is made of steel decorated with abalone (mother of pearl), ebony, and gold with a finial silver crown topped with an amethyst.

The trowel was made for the opening of a new wing of Aldershot Hospital in 1911.  The enamel central section is augmented with the monogram ER for Eduardus Rex.  The trowel is inscribed “The Aldershot Hospital, July 1911, King Edward VII ward”. The trowel appears in a contemporary article on the Aldershot Hospital opening ceremony published in the local Aldershot News, 1911.

Maker: Artificers Guild

Designer: Edward Spencer

Date : 1911

Marks: None

Material: Sterling silver, steel, abalone, ebony, gold, amethyst

Condition: Excellent. Very small area of restoration to the enamel.

Size:  20.5cm long 11.5cm

Weight : 206 grams, 7.2 oz (not silver weight)

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See article by myself, Anthony Bernbaum, for the Silver Society Journal 2014 entitled “Silver ceremonial trowels” page 99.

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