Four silver arts and crafts buckles

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For sale are these four silver arts and crafts buckles.  In order from top left to right:

An Alexander Ritchie Iona design buckle made by Shipton & Co. Chester 1935. 9.75 cm across. 1.9 oz, 55 grams.

An amethyst set buckle with oxidised background and highlights of silver wirework.  It is made by W H summers.  The buckle is not assayed and dates to c 1910-20.  The buckle is very like the work of William Thomas Blackband (see item  A723 in the Collection for his biography) who led the Birmingham Vittoria Street School from 1924.  On that basis I think it is highly likely this is a student’s work but I have found nothing on Summers.  Whilst the manner by which W H Summers is stamped on the buckle looks like a retailer’s mark, the buckle also has W H Summers name faintly scratched onto it and, looking at the method of manufacture, this is certainly a one off arts and crafts hand made authentic piece.  7.0 cm across/high. 1.8 oz, 50 grams

A Blanckensee silver buckle.   Fairly standard for the period but just a particularly nice design in the style of Kate Harris.  Chester 1905. 8.5 cm across. 1.7 oz, 49 grams

A sterling silver University College Hospital nurses buckle, carrying the UCH crest and motto.  The buckles was made by the arts and craft silversmiths, Greenwood and Watts of Hampstead. It is fully assayed for London 1934. 6.0 cm across x 6.5 high. 1.6 oz, 43 grams. On original fabric belt with matching assayed silver clasp.

All in excellent antique condition.

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