Large silver and copper bowl or jardiniere

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A silver copper bowl or centrepiece by William Hair Haseler, Birmingham c. 1900. The bowl is not hallmarked but carries the hazelnut trademark of Haselers first registered in March 1899 and most likely it is from the period just prior to Haselers forming the joint venture with Liberty to produce all Liberty’s Cymric silverware.

Maker: William Hair Haseler

Designer: Unknown

Date : c 1900

Marks: WHH Ltd, Haseler’s hazlenut trademark, model 2729

Material: Sterling silver and copper

Condition: Good

Size: 21cm tall, 15cm diameter

Weight : NA

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For further reading see article by myself, Anthony Bernbaum, for the Silver Society Journal 2010 Vol 26, “More light on the origins of the Liberty Cymric range, an evaluation of the contribution of Oliver Baker”