Ramsden and Carr silver powder box with stone or enamel inset

Price range:  £5,000-10,000

An Omar Ramsden and Alwyn Carr powder box, London, 1914 with enamel finial (possibly stone). A wonderful version of a Ramsden and Carr powder box with crisp detailed repousse pattern. A good gauge of silver.

Maker: Ramsden & Carr

Designer: Ramsden & Carr

Date : 1914

Marks: Rn&Cr, London date letter “S”. Inscribed “Omar Ramsden et Alwyn Carr me fecerunt MCMXIV”

Material: Sterling silver, possibly enamel or garnet

Condition: Excellent

Size: 11cm high, 10.5cm diameter

Weight : 307 grams, 10.8 oz

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