An early Archibald Knox design pepper

Just listed is a piece of such unequivocal Knox design that is one of the only, maybe the only, known piece that unequivocally provides a link between Knox, the Silver Studio, and the early Cymric range.  Speaking as someone who championed Oliver Baker and Haseler as the true originators of the Cymric range I think this unequivicollay shows the Cymric range had its roots in London, with Liberty and the Silver Studio, as well as Birmingham and Haseler and Baker.  It is priced accordingly.

How to photograph silver – an amateur’s guide

When I first started out as a dealer in antique silver, without doubt the hardest aspect of my new career was photography. I tried using professional photographers but they were expensive, involved frustrating delays and ultimately took photos that I was not very happy with. It turns out photographing silver is just about the hardest thing to do in the world of photography. It requires a specialist professional photographer – not easy to find. It is not just the myriad of reflections you have to deal with, but getting silver to look like clean shiny silver in a photograph is in fact very tricky. Over the past five years I have crawled up, as well as down, the learning curve. I have reached the point where I am finally satisfied with most of my photographs. By popular demand, and with the time and boredom created by “lock-down”, I thought I would share my experience for others’ benefit. This write up is full of links so that you can see what I mean by clicking on highlighted blue areas. There is a photo of my set up at the end of this article. I am still learning, and if anyone would like to offer improvements to this approach, do please let me know.

Can you help?

I have posted a research project of mine – a wonderful silver pill box by Child and Child. See link. A mystery gift from a lover. Can you help? Something to amuse during lockdown I hope. Thank you. Anthony

Update re coronavirus

Despite these challenging times, I plan to remain open for business.  I hope to use my new found spare time to keep the website moving by posting research snippets in the News section  so watch out for those.

I am still buying items and if you have items to sell please email me at

I will be posting fewer items for sale in the coming months. If you wish to keep updated of my current stock please contact me directly.  All items already listed remain for sale.

Stay safe and well. Best wishes


Update on The Open Art Fair

I wanted to let you know that I have decided to withdraw from The Open Art Fair and therefore will NOT be exhibiting. The Fair is continuing and will open as planned on Wednesday the 18th March. The Peartree Collection tickets are still valid.
My decision is an entirely personal one, taken in conjunction with my family, and in the light of increasing concerns over the Coronavirus and the steps necessary to stop its advance.
If you are interested in any item of stock, I will of course be available online and by phone.  Subject to how the virus develops, I am always readily available and happy to meet privately to show items. Normality will undoubtedly return and when it does I will find alternative opportunities to exhibit.
I hope everyone is, and stays, safe and well.

The Open Art Fair in today’s FT

Delighted that The Open Art Fair chose to feature the Peartree Collection’s own Christopher Dresser teapot in today’s FT. Image attached.